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Brick-making machine manufacturers tell you how hydraulic brick machine maintenance

Brick-making machine manufacturers tell you hydraulic brick machine how to maintenance
  hydraulic brick machine how to maintain it? Brick-making machine manufacturers tell you:
  1, hydraulic brick machine equipment such as long-term storage, less frequently used, it should be scrubbed clean and apply antirust oil properly.
  2, the pressure gauge when the switch is open for a long time will damage the pressure gauge, pressure adjustment pressure gauge should be closed after the switch.
  3, seals in the fuel tank replaced every six months.
  4, hydraulic brick machine equipment before use each start, empty load 2-5 minutes, low winter temperatures will require a longer period of time, the machine should be empty by this time after a load operation is working.
  5, should be fastened per class a hydraulic brick machine the parts of the fastening bolts, pump and bracket, solenoid valve, solenoid valve and connecting pipe joints, column fastening nut should pay more attention.
  6, work on hydraulic brick machine to do well, hydraulic brick machine table should be at the end of each class and its various parts of falling sand, dust clean. When there is no rain protection measures should be hydraulic brick machine cover to prevent getting templates clean water, mold scrubbed them with rust-proof for next use.
  7, should pay attention to the tank of the hydraulic brick machine is cleaned once every three months, check that the fuel tank filter screen is damaged and should be replaced immediately if found to have broken, no damage when you rinse it but also to clarification filtration of hydraulic oil. Replacement of hydraulic oil temperature changes with the seasons.


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