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Brick-what are the common faults?

Here are brick-what are the common faults? Any equipment used in the process, require maintenance, brick machine is no exception. Care and maintenance good, will keep the equipment performance and extended lifespan, so fewer equipment depreciation charges assessed at each stage, attached to every piece of product cost is low. Give a little bit of maintenance costs and make more profit. So, when we use, must pay attention to this matter. How to maintain it? A safe maintenance of equipment. Is the device operation, have the potential to cause dangerous parts, for security maintenance. Such facilities, large corporations have been taken into account in the production equipment. What users need to do is to periodically check tightness of fitting, and processes as appropriate. Another is the maintenance of hydraulic components, lubrication of the active node. Due to the particularity of the brick machine production environment, in the hydraulic devices in use, oil spills and other symptoms may occur, in addition to production, scheduling regular inspections, suggested before the start of production of the equipment check the reproduction. Cylinders, valves, valves, tubing and other hydraulic components are key parts of the oil spill. Also, in the process of production, use of facilities or equipment parts, such as the use of qualified support plate, proper placement and so on. When production is completed, personnel on duty to clear away molding Flash, on the head and other parts of the machine residual concrete mixture, keep the equipment clean and tidy. Finally, maintenance and common fault handling. For example, some novice packing too much lead-free brick machine parking situation, it needs to strengthen the training of operations. Other symptoms included in the maintenance manual will explain in detail, please be sure to follow the maintenance requirements. Special reminder: ball mill requires daily maintenance; operation two months to do a maintenance check, an overhaul inspection 10 months.



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